Monday, 4 June 2012

I found a very interesting blog about movies.There is a big picture of a boy who is inside a car and a girl who is outside the car, but they are kissing!!! It is so romantic!!! The blog has different pictures depending on the movie and next to every picture, the author of the blog explains her opinion about the movie.

 Actually the autor of the blog doesn't post frequently. She can post something in 5 days, 10 or 15 days.The posts with the author's opinion usually are compound with 5 or 6 paragraphs.

In the website there are a lot of links that hae the conection with others author's opinions.

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  1. Nice post Odeth. Be careful of the following mistakes: "depending of the movie" should be "depending on the movie" Things always depend ON other things. Also, be careful of your spelling: What is the correct spelling of "autor"? Finally, be careful not to split your sentence with a comma: Actually the autor of the blog, post without exact frequency. (doesn't post frequently.) Could you please correct the above post? Thanks