Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Develop of the movies in my life

During my childhood I used to watch movies more frequently in my home than in the cinema. I remember watching disney movies such as Snowwhite, Cinderella,  The little mermaid and other in relation with some princess, even that I also remember watching some horror movies. I think that is why when I was yourger I used to like so much the horror movies and not feel scared about them.
I used to watch  movies sometimes after my classes in Junior school may 2 movies from the TV. I moved on to a city, so I became more interested in movies and knew the actor in these movies. Also I wanted to know the new movies for the next year or next summer. I started to like going to the cinema everytime when a new movie which I was interested in was playing.


I will say that I like every kind of movie and also it doesn't matter where the movie is from. However I usually watch american movies because I think they are more common in my country than anyother from different country. Also I  like some mexican movies. I won't say that all mexican movies because there are many movies that contain a lot of sexual scenes and also movies about narcos where they kill people or something like that. I don't like that.


I think the movies that I like the most are science fiction and romantic. I like the science fiction movies because they make me feel like I am there. Also I like think about how the people who create the movies can have a lot of imagination. In addition I like the romantic movies because I sometimes think that we could have a story like the romantic movies and find someone who we can love like that. Actually one of my favorite movies is The Notebook.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3G3fILPQAU The notebook's trailer 

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  1. Odeth, Good work this past semester. I really like the backdrop on your blog. Looks great. Here are some corrections for the above post: they are more common in my country than anyother from different country. - This isn't exactly clear. Are you saying: "There are more American movies in Mexico than movies from other countries" or "American movies have more in common with Mexico than movies from other countries"

    I like TO think about how the people

    Otherwise, great work Odeth!